The Eternal Phoenix

by Manoel Vilela @ Lerax

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This is a lot of introspection whose was be done during all my life, in nested deaths and ressurections of myself during depressing eras and fighting with it.


released June 11, 2016

Thanks to Boa and Vivalid for good music, the Mindblowing and Lost was covers of the respective musics, Vivalid Tribute and Duvet.



all rights reserved


Chaotic Lambdas Tucuruí, Brazil

Just a λ guy trying find yourself inside of the universe.

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Track Name: I Don't Have Time To Speak
I can't speak. If I say one word, you are not understand. All is running and falling. You need trust me. I'll gonna win. I'm suffering, but you can only just hear my silence. Keep your eyes on me.
Track Name: Alone in the Deep Silence
The deep silence. A world of darkness and the unique way to see yourself. I'm in the mirror with the my black soul between the life and death. The obscurities of a world like a limbo. The silence is the unique way to communicate deeply with myself, each echo thinking create a big universe of multiples personalities, alter-egos swapping at each moment. In one moment I cry, in other I smile and... in some way, the unique exit successful seems be suicide. But, I'll continue fighting lonely with my forces as a lonely wolf without your gang until win.

Keep your mouth closed, continue your overthinking until search yourself.
Track Name: X-Universe
I need a new soul. I need a new body. All need be new. Everything will be new. But is have some chaos... in the silence of reconstruction. I need keep going, but my heart are suffering. Don't leave me alone, I'll keep going.
Track Name: Rebirth
After create the new universe, I'm now on rebirth, recreating my world: a lot of alter-egos appears now. Who I am, really?
Track Name: Want
I wanna win, I wanna you love me. I wanna that you can understand me. I wanna you leave me alone, but don't forget me. I just wanna exist.
Track Name: Vivaldi - Mindblowing
The mindblowing to continue think about yourself trying find your essence. But this exists? Exists a little part of us whose is immutable? I need find. I need some thing like that. All is a gigant chaos and nobody can feeling me. I needed, again, close the doors.
Track Name: Understand
All the people whose try understand me saw just a image, a little distortion of my soul. How I can explain for hers why I real feeling? Nobody will understand me even if a explain.
Track Name: Boa - Lost (Duvet)
And you don't seem to understand,
A shame you seemed an honest man.
And all the fears you hold so dear,
Will turn to whisper in your ear

And you know what they say might hurt you
And you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

I am fallen
I am faded
I have lost it all

And you don't seem the lying kind
A shame that I can read your mind
And all the things that I read there
Candle-lit smile that we both share

And you know I don't mean to hurt you
And you know that it means so much
And you don't even feel a thing

I am fallen
I am faded
I am drowning, help me to breathe

I am hurting
I have lost it all
I am losing, help me to breathe
Track Name: I Believe and You?
Is sufficient you keep your life with me because I just... believe on you? Let's me grab your hand and stay with me. Don't let me darkness consums my soul. I'm falling... you are just my savior.
Track Name: Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suite in G Major
~ no lyrics, just hear that wonderful music.